Turkey natural stones catalogue


The new natural stones catalogue from Turkey, Turkeystonesupplier.com is online. This is an online catalogue that compiles reliable and updated information about some of the most relevant natural stones.

All about Jura limestone / marble


The Jura limestone is explored in the Upper Bavaria region, which is located in the south part of Germany. Despite several people describing this stone as a marble[...]

Best alternatives to the Portland limestone


The Portland limestone is a fairly popular white/greyish coloured limestone from the UK. It has been used for years on a diversity of public building, private projects and much more throughout the UK and in other parts of the world. But this limestone presents some limitations, particularly in terms of price and availability.

Jura Grey limestone website


We are pleased to introduce you to the new limestone that we have started commercializing: the Jura Grey limestone. This is a limestone with a grey colour, extracted and manufactured in Germany. We present you below a brief introduction about this limestone:

Jura Beige limestone from Germany


We are glad to introduce you to a new natural stone, the Jura Beige limestone from Germany. We have just started commercializing this beautiful limestone from Germany and have recently launched an online website with complete information about the Jura. You can find below a brief resume of what you can find on the website:

Natural stone online catalogue now available


Globalstonesupplier is an online catalogue of natural stones. It is specialized on the supply of natural stone for larger public and commercial projects. Our company is based in Portugal, from where we started our activity more than 20 years ago with another company called SGM. We started our activity with the supply of Portuguese marbles, [...]

UK natural stone tiles online shop


The new natural stone tiles shop is already online. This is a new project from our company, focused entirely on the UK market. The shop is called Globalstoneshop and is available on the UK market. Globalstoneshop is an online catalogue of tiles and finished products in natural stone. It includes natural stones from Portugal, Spain, [...]

Dark Emperador marble tiles


The Dark Emperador is a dark brown coloured marble, with fine grain and some irregular and crossed lighter veinage. This is a very famous natural stone from Spain that has been used in the past years on several projects with considerable reputation.

Crema Marfil marble tiles


The Crema Marfil is a Spanish beige coloured marble from Spain with a considerable demand worldwide. This is perhaps the marble with most demand on the international market, specially in tile form. There are much information available on the internet and other sources about Crema Marfil tiles, therefore we have found important to make this [...]

Crema Marfil marble supply


The Crema Marfil marble is perhaps the marble most supplied in the world. It has a large commercial network and distribution system that reaches pretty much all corners of the world. We explain below some of the important features behind the success of the Crema marfil as a worldwide natural stone.

January stone fair: Stone Expo-Belgium 2012


The natural stone and ceramics market is facing quite a few challenges, affecting Stone Expo as well. Nevertheless, Stone Expo can rely on an large number of layal exhibitors. Most major brands and key actors already signed up for the 2012 edition. Despite the crisis, business is still going well in the Benelux and the [...]