China natural stones catalogue

China natural stones catalogue: Globalstoneportal We would like to introduce you to the new catalogue of stones from, the China natural stones catalogue. This catalogue includes for now 50 natural stones of all types. These are some of the most relevant and on-demand Chinese natural stones.

The China natural stones catalogue is a continuation of the development of as a reference source of information online about natural stones from all over the world. is an online portal about natural stones from all over the world. It actually includes a catalogue of stones from Portugal, Spain, Turkey, China and India. And it will soon include a catalogue of stones from Italy, Egypt, Brazil and several other countries. Ultimately, expects to be the online reference portal about natural stones.

The catalogue includes reliable and quality information about diverse types of natural stones, such as marbles, granites, sandstones, limestones and several other types of stones.

To visit the China natural stones catalogue, you can click on the link below:
China natural stones catalogue

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