Lebanon stone supply

Lebanon is a country with very specific characteristics in relation to the construction and natural stone industries. It has a very developed business community, with successful Lebanese companies all over the world. It has quite some large construction companies and contractors that work not just in Lebanon, but all over the Middle East. And finally, it has a certain culture and knowledge of natural stones, mainly because it has its own quarries, but also neighbouring countries that also do.

Therefore, in terms of natural stone supply, Lebanon can be a very demanding country, with Lebanese businessmen known for its tough negotiation skills. Despite this, it is a country with some interesting ongoing projects, mostly luxurious hotels, residences and villas, as well as some public projects.

Tha aim of this article is to present our readers a list of highly demanded natural stones in Lebanon. This list is based on the findings of statistics, trends and customers feedback from our portal Globalstoneportal.com.


Coloured marble

Lebanese have a special preference for certain coloured marble, specially black, red or even brown. These are often used in combination with other coloured stones in hotel or residential projects.

Negro Marquina

Negro Marquina marble Lebanon

 Rosso Levanto

Rosso Levanto marble Lebanon

 Dark Emperador

Dark Emperador marble Lebanon

 Light Emperador

Light Emperador marble Lebanon

Crema Marfil marble

The ex-libris of marble, the Crema Marfil is perhaps the most well-known natural stone in the world. It is a Spanish beige marble, which is mostly used on luxurious hotels flooring and coverings, as well as diverse interior decoration applications.

Crema Marfil marble


Travertine Beige

This is a very important type of stone in different parts of the Middle East, and is not different in Lebanon. There is interesting demand for Travertine in Lebanon, specially for cladding projects.

Travertine Beige Lebanon


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