Market trends: stones with high demand

The natural stone market is a volatile market that has its peakes and lows in demand, normally following market tendencies on the construction sector. However, at Globalstoneportal and mainly due to the fact that we receive visitors from all over the world, we are in a privileged position to analyse the market through our own statistics.

We analyse here then the natural stone market trends based on the statistics of our portal in the past six months. These are our findings:


Types of stone

- we can understand that the stones with most demand are both marble and granite, with consistent demand. This is a trend that has been happening in the past and it shows its consistency.

- some of the most demanded marble and granite are white or black coloured. There is also considerable demand for beige coloured marble, but also for grey coloured granite.

- alternative types of stone that still have considerable demand are limestone or travertine.


Specific stones

If we go into detail and analyse the exact natural stones that have the most demand we can say that some of the stones are:

- Moca Cream limestone: beige limestone from Portugal, a reference and well-known type of limestone.

- Moleanos limestone: another Portuguese limestone in the top, a beige coloured stone well-known internationally.

- Marmara White marble: a surprise in the top, this white coloured marble from Turkey has seen an increasing interest from different companies.

- Mugla White marble: another Turkish marble, the Mugla White is a reference white marble from Turkey.

- Different beige marble: such as Bursa Beige, Burdur Beige. These are Turkish beige marble and have a growing demand.

- Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador: the usual suspects, these two Spanish marble are regulars on the top.

- Gris Pulpis: a dark brown marble from Spain, a surprise on the top.


Overall, we see a consistent trend of high demand for both granite and marble, and specially for beige, white, black and dark grey colours.

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