Moca Cream limestone grades

The Moca Cream is a well-known beige coloured limestone from Portugal. But what is exactly this limestone? Does it have any variations? How can I distinguish its different grades/quality? Is there one single grade or several different ones?

We present you answers for some of these questions, where we explain the main variations currently available for the Moca Cream limestone.


Moca Cream limestone fine grain

Also known as Relvinha limestone, the Moca Cream thin grain is considered by many as the most exclusive type of Moca Cream. It presents a thin grain, beige colour and relatively discreet vein. This variation has a more marginal production and because of massive Chinese demand, it is today the most expensive variation of the Moca Cream.

Today it is most commonly found in the form of slabs, in the Chinese market. Due to Chinese demand, the blocks extracted are normally very large, for export use.

Moca Cream limestone fine












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