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Azul Valverde B2

Azul Valverde B2

Stone Type:


Main Color:




Extraction area:

Valverde - Alcanede

Other names:

Azul Monica; Blue Lagos; Avallon limestone; Grey Valverde

Technical data:

Compression strenght: 1500 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 150 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 1.2%

Stone Description

The Azul Valverde B2 is a grey/light beige coloured limestone, with thin to medium grain and fairly uniform background. It presents some lighter shaded areas with a light tone, some signs of fossils and some occasional thin lines. The Azul Valverde is a type of limestone that present several types of variations, being the B2 a less common type.

Stone Analysis

The Azul Valverde B2 is a relevant grey coloured limestone from Portugal, with a considerable market in Portugal and internationally. Due to its uniform colour, it has a market with a growing demand. The quarries where is extracted are small but the blocks extracted can have any size. The Azul Valverde B2 is a less known type of Azul Valverde.

Stone Finishings

The Azul Valverde B2 accepts very well several types of finishings, due to its technical properties and uniform colour. Below you can find some of these recommended finishings.

Azul Valverde polished
Azul Valverde honed
Azul Valverde B2 brushed

Recommended Applications

The Azul Valverde B2 is a type of limestone that can be found on a variety of applications. It is common in coverings, cladding, stonework, some flooring and many others.

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