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Sunshine Gold

Sunshine Gold

Stone Type:


Main Color:




Extraction area:

Tascilar - Bilecik

Other names:

Golden Emperador; Yellow Emperador

Technical data:

Soon available

Stone Description

The Sunshine Gold is a yellow coloured marble, with thin to medium grain and uniform background. It presents some darker shaded areas and some occasional lines. It may present some signs of fossils. Its main variations depend on the amount of fossils, lines and yellow colour variation.

Stone Analysis

The Sunshine Gold is a fairly known marble in Turkey, with an interesting internal market but limited internationally. Despite this, its international presence has been growing considerably in the past years. It is extracted by some quarries with small to medium dimension and the blocks can have any size.

Stone Finishings

The Sunshine Gold is a type of stone that can accept certain types of finishings. The ones we most recommend are the polished one (with a beautiful deep yellow colour), the honed, sandblasted or bush-hammered.

Sunshine Gold polished
Sunshine Gold honed
Sunshine Gold sandblasted

Recommended Applications

The Sunshine Gold is a a type of marble that is suitable for certain types of applications. Due to its softer natural and uniform colour that can do an amazing work if polished, the Sunshine Gold is most commonly found in flooring.

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