Stone Catalogue

    Moleanos Mixed

    Stone Type Limestone

    Main Colour Beige

    Country Portugal

    Extraction Area Moleanos - Aljubarrota

    Other names Moleanos Blue-Beige; Moleanos Malhado

    Technical data Compression strenght: 1550 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 141 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 1,7%; Water absorption: 3.1%

    Applications Cladding; Interior flooring; Stonework


    Fairly uniform limestone with a mix of beige and grey tonalities followed by fossilized areas.  It can have a medium to fine grain, depending on the type of variation. In terms of positioning, the Moleanos Mixed reveals a stable presence in the Portuguese market. The Moleanos Mixed is considered to be the most commercial or less expensive alternative of the Moleanos Blue limestone.

    As a direct variation of the popular Moleanos Classic, this limestone is extracted from the exact same quarries. This is a natural stone that is commonly used on cladding, interior flooring and diverse stonework.


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