About Us

About Us

Globalstoneportal.com is a web portal specialized on the promotion and supply of natural stones from different countries. Globalstoneportal.com is managed by Guzto, a company specialized on the international trading and retail, as well as online business.

Globalstoneportal.com is an informative and business internet portal dedicated to the promotion of natural stones from a diversity of countries. Globalstoneportal.com belongs to a larger network of informative websites and business portals dedicated to the promotion and supply of natural stones. The network is composed by a major portal called Globalstoneportal.com (stones catalogue, news and events), as well as by a network of business portals and informative websites organized by countries. These are key extracting and producing countries with a large variety of natural stones. The countries are Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Germany.

Globalstoneportal.com offers a large natural stones catalogue, with reliable, updated and unique information about these stones. All the information provided here about these stones are in touch with the reality of the quarries that extracted these stones, the factories that manufacture these stones and the market where these stones are commercialized. In addition, Globalstoneportal.com offers a complete news section with selected and updated information about the natural stone industry. Finally, Globalstoneportal.com offers an events section, which includes a detailed and complete list of all the natural stone fairs.

Globalstoneportal.com is a web portal for all companies and individuals that want to access free, reliable and updated information about all our natural stones, the most interesting natural stone and construction fairs, and the latest news about this industry. Globalstoneportal.com is a starting point for the supply of a large range of natural stones for all types of projects.

If you have any specific enquiry or if need any additional information about Globalstoneportal.com, do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome all of your questions, feedback and comments.

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