Karia Cream Project: WOW Istanbul Hotel in Turkey

The WOW Istanbul Hotel has adopted a posture of luxury and comfort ever since the building stage. And aspects like natural illumination and floor coverings were heavily taken into consideration. In the end, the Karia Cream marble became the elected stone.

With a privileged location, the WOW Istanbul Hotel is located right in the center of the most important and deluxe malls of Istanbul. With such a context, the 5-star hotel has ensured to follow a very strict policy regarding three main values – luxury, comfort and magnificence. As so, the whole interior of the hotel has been covered with Karia Cream marble, in order to increase and magnify the luminous and sublime ambience. Additionally, other natural stones have been combined with the Karia Cream, in order to create a more sophisticated and appealing look. The Dark Emperador was the most recurrent choice, especially on the wall coverings.

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