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Jura limestone on the Kuwait market

The Jura limestone is a type of limestone from Germany that has become a very popular choice of limestone to be used on building and decoration projects in Kuwait. This is a very hard type of limestone that can be used on a diversity of applications, such as landscaping, cladding, interior and exterior flooring and more.

Top marble for the Middle East market

The Middle East is an incredible market for marble supply, being at the center of fast-growing construction and decoration industry. There are all sorts of projects that require the most beautiful, unique and up-to-date marble from all over the world.

Moleanos Limestone Kuwait
Moleanos Limestone Kuwait

Kuwait: Stone Supply

Kuwait is a very specific country in terms of construction projects. Despite the several large projects taking place, this country is still quite conservative in terms of international business, leaving most of its projects to local companies.

Central Bank Kuwait

Reference Project: Central Bank of Kuwait

The Central Bank of Kuwait is a large-scale project that is currently the new headquarters of the Central Bank of Kuwait. This is a 240 meter high building, with a triangular shaped tower, glass pyramid and Portuguese limestone Moca Creme coverings.

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