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The export market of Jura limestone blocks

The wonderful Jura limestone from Germany has become a reference natural stone used on the building industry. It has today very large demand in the market as block format.

Moca Cream limestone blocks in the Chinese market

China is by far the largest importer of raw blocks of natural stones, which includes limestones from Portugal such as the Moca Cream. After being found by the Chinese architects and contractors.

Top limestones on demand in Russia

In general, limestones have been growing on demand and popularity, especially in Europe and North America. This growing tendency in architecture and decoration lays on the large availability of most limestones.

Jura limestone on the Kuwait market

The Jura limestone is a type of limestone from Germany that has become a very popular choice of limestone to be used on building and decoration projects in Kuwait. This is a very hard type of limestone that can be used on a diversity of applications, such as landscaping, cladding, interior and exterior flooring and more.

Top marble for the Middle East market

The Middle East is an incredible market for marble supply, being at the center of fast-growing construction and decoration industry. There are all sorts of projects that require the most beautiful, unique and up-to-date marble from all over the world.

Popular limestones in India

India is one of the most relevant producer of natural stones in the world, having a wide range of materials, such as marble, sandstone or granite, which are extracted on a large number of quarries. But there is today a growing apetite for limestones from Europe.

Jura Beige Light Limestone Polished Featured

Most Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

In general, limestones have been growing on demand and popularity, especially in Europe and North America. This article presents the five most popular limestones from our network, that are clearly standing out this Autumn.

Burdur Red and Aegean Beige Flooring Featured

2017 Natural Stone Trends

Building and decoration trends shift on a regular basis. And with a new year coming up, it’s time to present some of the best predictions regarding natural stone trends in 2017. For instance, in this new year, the tendencies seem to be leaning towards nature.

Grey LimestoneGrey Limestone Gris Pardo Featured

Top Grey Limestones for Flooring in 2016

Grey limestones are probably the most on-demand type, especially when it comes to flooring projects. With the in vogue trending of neutral colours, certain limestones have been growing in popularity. Learn about the hottest options for 2016.

Jura Beige Cladding Featured

Top Limestones for Exterior Cladding in 2016

In general, limestones are the most indicated type of natural stone to be used on cladding projects, mainly because they present a versatile structure in terms of uniformity, hardness and appearance. Here’s our top five limestone selection for exterior cladding in 2016.

Negro Marquina Saudi Arabia
Negro Marquina Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Stone Supply

Saudi Arabia is a large and wealthy economy that has seen a large number of incredibly large projects being built in the past years. It has the largest mosque in the world, some of the largest hotels and universities, and there is much more coming in the next years.

Mugla White Marble Qatar
Mugla White Marble Qatar

Qatar: Stone Supply

Qatar is a booming economy, has the highest GDP per capita in the world and is a very wealthy country. It will host the football world cup in 2022, it has been building large number of luxury buildings, such as hotels, state-of-the-art hospitals and shopping malls.

Moleanos Limestone Kuwait
Moleanos Limestone Kuwait

Kuwait: Stone Supply

Kuwait is a very specific country in terms of construction projects. Despite the several large projects taking place, this country is still quite conservative in terms of international business, leaving most of its projects to local companies.

Light Emperador Abu Dhabi
Light Emperador Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Stone Supply

Abu Dhabi is home to a large number of construction projects that have been taking place for quite some years now. It has a large number of projects currently happening, as well as a large number of planned projects for the near future.

Dark Emperador Dubai
Dark Emperador Dubai

Dubai: Stone Supply

Dubai is the country in the Middle East with most ongoing and planned construction projects. And it is perhaps the country in the world with more projects per square kilometre. But which natural stones are mostly used in this particular market?

Capri Limestone
Capri Limestone

Best Alternatives to the Portland Limestone

The Portland limestone is a fairly popular white/greyish coloured limestone from the UK, which has been used for years on a diversity range of public buildings, private projects and others. Here's an extensive analysis on what are the best alternatives.

Crema Marfil Marble Dubai
Crema Marfil Marble Dubai

Middle East Stone Market Trends

The natural stone market in the Middle East is booming, obviously due to the increasingly expansion of the construction sector in the Middle East. There is an estimated 60.000 construction projects under development throughout the MENA countries.

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