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Most Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

In general, limestones have been growing on demand and popularity, especially in Europe and North America. This growing tendency in architecture and decoration lays on the large availability of most limestones, which also display long-lasting and versatility features. Below, we present the five most popular limestones from our network that are standing out this Autumn.

Although limestones present a vast range of colours, there are two particular ones, gray and beige, that are rising up on the international market. These colours are rather gentle, soft and somewhat neutral, which allows the limestones to blend in with about any type of decoration. Also, they’re a great choice for projects that combine several natural stones or construction materials. In terms of structure, limestones are normally quite versatile and durable. As so, they can be used on a vast number of applications and accept many different finishings. However, when it comes to appearance and background features, there are some limestones that certainly present a more unique and sublime set than others. Therefore, personal preferences play a key-role in the final selection. The following limestones are among the most popular and demanded entries in our network this season, mostly for the reasons already described.


1. Jura Beige | Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

The Jura Beige is probably the most well-known natural stone from Germany, with a consolidated market in Europe. The reason for its tremendous success however, lays on a combination of aspects, such as high availability, considerable reserves, great technical properties and a very unique and inspiring appearance. This limestone presents thin to medium grain, followed by a considerable hardness and a consistent beige colour. But what makes the Jura Beige truly special is its non-uniform background composed by strong fossils and darker spots, which create an unpredictable but nevertheless beautiful and unique pattern.

Origin Country: Germany   |   Main Colour: Beige

Popular Applications: Flooring, cladding and covering

Jura Beige Light Limestone Polished


2. Moca Cream | Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

With no direct competition, the Moca Cream has been exponentially growing worldwide in both, popularity and demand, especially from the Chinese market. Known as the ex-libris of the Portuguese limestones, the Moca Cream is a reference natural stone for industry professionals all over the world. This prestige can be understood due to the exceptional properties of the Moca Cream, such as a considerable hardness, uniform background, medium grain, signs of fossils and a consistent light beige colour. Additionally, it presents a strong personality, which is mainly displayed thought its exceptional veinage and visible fossils.

Origin Country: Portugal   |   Main Colour: Light Beige

Popular Applications: Cladding, coverings and decoration

Moca Cream Classic Limestoned Honed


3. Azul Valverde / Gris Pardo | Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

As one of the most prodigious grey limestones from Portugal, the Azul Valverde has been on the very top for a long while. However, the shorten reserves and poor extraction quality are making it impossible to fulfill the demand levels. Despite this critical disadvantage, the Azul Valverde still presents great technical properties, including a uniform background, medium grain, a considerable hardness and a persistent dark grey colour. This limestone also presents some personality, due to the presence of fossils and shells. In the present days, the Azul Valverde is a rarity and is frequently replaced by its two main alternatives, the Gris Pardo / Azul Peniche and the Moleanos B1.

Origin Country: Portugal   |   Main Colour: Dark Grey

Popular Applications: Flooring, cladding and landscaping

Gris Pardo and Moleanos B1 Limestone

4. Jura Grey | Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

This grey coloured limestone is one of the most well-known natural stones from Germany. Besides having a notorious reputation in the country, it also holds a considerable demand in Europe, as well as other international markets. The Jura Grey presents an irregular background due to the strong presence of fossils, along with a grey silver colour. Both features create a very peculiar and alternative pattern, which is in the very base of the Jura Grey’s popularity. Additionally, this limestone displays a considerable hardness and thin to medium grain. There is a high availability for this limestone, since there are considerable reserves for future extraction.

Origin Country: Germany   |   Main Colour: Grey / Silver

Popular Applications: Flooring, cladding and coverings

Jura Grey Limestone Polished

5. Moleanos | Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

The Moleanos is one of the most chosen and exported limestones from Portugal. Despite the limited availability, it still detains a huge demand from markets all over the world. Known for its durability and versatility, the Moleanos presents a very uniform background, with a thin to medium grain and a persistent light beige colour. The overall appearance of this limestone is quite fine and subtle, mostly due to the presence of little shells and shaded spots. This simplicity together with the fact that the Moleanos can be used on about any application, have deeply contributed to the increased popularity of the Moleanos limestone.

Origin Country: Portugal   |   Main Colour: Light Beige

Popular Applications: Flooring, cladding, coverings, paving and decoration

Moleanos Classic Limestone Polished

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