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Natural Stone Outlet: The Best Deals Directly from the Factory

As our network’s latest addition, the Natural Stone Outlet is a true revolution in the natural stone industry. Mostly, because it brings forward an innovative channel between client and factory, while delivering the most reliable deals, based on quality, efficiency and accessibility. The project is now online and running at full capacity.

The Natural Stone Outlet is a pioneer project in Europe, which focuses on the delivery of the best deals directly from the factory. The main concept of this project is very practical, as it allows the final client to directly communicate with the factory or supplier. This brings a set of new options that cannot be found anywhere else, such as the opportunity to discuss shipping methods, prices, stock amounts, or even product finishings. It’s essentially an online business portal strictly focused on both end points, excluding all types of distributors and this party retailers. This does not mean however, that the Natural Stone Outlet is an entity without regulation. On the contrary, the content is extensively reviewed to ensure all quality standards are met.

Despite working mostly with the European market, the Natural Stone Outlet also exports and ships to countries all over the world. Moreover, and apart from the client-factory communication channels, the project offers its own specialized support. Visit the portal to browse all available deals at the current time, or contact the support team for further information.

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