Top Grey Limestones for Flooring in 2016

The current market trends have been endorsing grey tones in the last few years and as a result, the popularity of this colour has been increasing. Grey limestones are probably the most on-demand type, especially when it comes to flooring projects. Learn about the hottest options for 2016.

In the present days, modern and contemporary styles have become more and more recurrent in construction and decoration projects and neutral colours, such as grey, have been ruling the global market. However, grey limestones tend to be the most versatile type of stone in terms of technical structure, since it presents a considerable hardness, a great natural brightness and a somewhat unique and uniform background. Even though these features are recommended for almost all sorts of applications, they are rather ideal for flooring projects. Despite the wide range of possible choices, there are a few grey limestones that tend to present a more professional result, such as the Jura Grey and the Moleanos B1.

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Grey Limestone Gris Pardo

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