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2017 Natural Stone Trends

Building and decoration trends shift on a regular basis. And with a new year coming up, it’s time to present some of the best predictions regarding natural stone trends in 2017. For instance, in this new year, the tendencies seem to be leaning towards some particular aspects of nature, such as serenity, balance and life.

In 2016, colour mixing and vivid tonalities made the wonders of many architects and decorators all over the world. While the pink, yellow, teal and blues invaded the industry in general, with a range of sensational elements, mostly energy, inspiration and motivation. On the other hand, neutral colours, especially white and grey, kept doing what they do best – keeping it clean and simple. Now, things seem to be considerably changing into a more organic stage, filled with earth-like and metallic colours, high luminosity, fine contrasts and a general preference for alternative patterns. In terms of natural stone trends, it is expected that warm coloured stones rise, mostly those fitting the major décor trends. However, due to the dominant presence of marbles during the past few years, it is anticipated that this natural stone will cease to be a main preference. As so, other natural stone types will have an increased chance to rise, particularly limestones, granites and travertines. But what’s going to change precisely? Find out below, through our main predictions for natural stone trends in 2017.


1. Nature: Warm and Energetic | 2017 Natural Stone Trends

The power of nature is returning next year with many shades of green and other warm and earth-like colours, mostly browns, oranges and yellows. The terracotta style is also returning, bringing back a remembrance of the 80’s. However, this time the “shade of bronzer” will most likely be used as tiles and in specific applications, particularly in bath design and exterior projects, such as paving and landscaping. The nature topic will integrate a variety of natural stones, most of them brown, yellow, green or red, since these are the most common earth-like colours in the market. It’s also important to point out that unique and extravagant patterns will be highly appreciated, because they establish a direct resemblance with nature.

Burdur Red and Aegean Beige Flooring

Earth-like dining room featuring Burdur Red and Aegean Beige marble on the floor.

gsp TSdark-emperador-first-list  kale-bordeaux-list  burdur-red-list  Travertine Noce Cross-Cut Profile  Travertine Yellow Cross-Cut Profile


2. Modern Rustic: Diversity First | 2017 Natural Stone Trends

Following the major trends of 2016, the modern rustic style will continue a similar path of diversity and complexity. The colour pallet will be absolutely extensive, mostly featuring sunset shades –  pale pink, lavender purple, yellow, teal, and some blues. Metallic and jewel colours will also be appreciated, including vivid gem colours and the famous gold and silver tonalities. Additionally, rustic and alternative patterns will be popular among all décor and natural stone preferences. On the other hand, less conventional mixtures and high contrasts will most likely become a trend as well, considering the amount of diversity existent in this style.

Burdur Red and Aegean Beige Flooring and Coverings

Rustic and colorful hall with Burdur Red, Aegean Beige and Toros Black marble on the wall coverings and flooring.

gsp TS alpinina-clara-list  Travertine Rose Profile  azul-extremadura-list  crema-valencia-list  Travertine Yellow Vein-Cut Profile


3. Pure Tranquility: Neutrality Above All | 2017 Natural Stone Trends

Neutral colours hardly get out of fashion in the present days. And in 2016, one of the main trends will revolve precisely around neutral tonalities, mainly white, grey and some black. Along with this colour palette, the style will feature an abundance of natural light, along with open spaces, windows and mirrors. Minor contrasts are also trendy, specially between white and grey or white and black. The main objective is to create the sensation of freedom, serenity and peace of mind. In terms of natural stones, marbles will most likely remain somewhat popular. Still, there are many other choices that are prone to rise. In the limestone department, for example, there are currently numerous white and grey options that should be considered for projects using this style.

Jura Grey Flooring and Coverings

Subtle living room with Jura Grey limestones as coverings and flooring.

gsp TSlimra-classic-list  marmara-white-first-list  jura-grey-list  gris-europa-list  negro-marquina-first-list

The selections shown here are based on the offers existent in the catalogue, therefore it does not include all the natural stones available in the market. For more information about the products listed here or any business inquiry, contact us directly.

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