Stone Catalogue

    Travertine Rose

    Stone Type Travertine

    Main Colour Pink

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Western Turkey

    Other names Travertine Pink; Travertino Rosa

    Technical data Compression strength: 77 MPa; Bending strength: 8,8 MPa; Open porosity: 8,38%

    Applications Cladding; Flooring; Stonework; Bath design


    The Travertine Rose is a rose/red natural stone that displays a uniform background and medium grain. It might present a slight variation in colour with some red and beige tones. Moreover, as a former travertine stone it exposes well its natural holes, along with its darker-brighter areas. In terms of market positioning, the Travertine Rose has a limited extraction due to unknown demand, however there is great potential for growth.

    Despite being a travertine that can be applied to almost any type of project, it is mostly used on cladding, flooring, stonework and bath designs projects.


    Travertine Rose - Polished Featured
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