How to Choose: Grey Limestones from Portugal

Despite the considerable number of grey limestones from Portugal, only a few have been able to integrate the external markets. Besides the reliable supply, these limestones also present remarkable features, such as a uniform background and colour consistency.

The most popular and on-demand grey limestones from Portugal are the Moleanos Blue, Moleanos B1, Moleanos B3 and Perlato. These grey limestones are quite reliable, as they display a quite regular appearance, with a uniform background, consistent grey or light grey colour and some natural elements, like calcite, fossils or shells. Portuguese grey limestones are also known for being quite hard and durable, a versatile feature that makes them suitable for many different types of projects. Regardless, this type of limestones is often used on specific applications, most precisely on cladding, flooring, landscaping and decoration.

For further information about grey limestones from Portugal, contact our support team for a reliable assistance or read the in-depth article at Natural Stone Portal.

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