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Travertine Noce from Turkey

With a flawless reputation, the Travertine Noce is currently one of the most known natural stones in Turkey. It is also a prominent entry on the international market, as it presents some impressive growth values, with an increasingly popularity and demand.

Characterized by its natural holes and intense brown colours, the Travertine Noce is one of the most on-demand travertine stones from Turkey. In general, this is high utility natural stone that displays some colour variations, ranging from lighter to darker tonalities of brown. Despite being recommended for a wide range of applications, the Travertine Noce is mostly used on cladding, coverings and flooring projects. Additionally, this travertine can present two main looks from the respective two main variations, cross-cut and vein-cut. While the first presents a smooth and cloudy background, the second displays a parallel mineral vein running across the surface.

If you’re looking for a Travertine Noce supplier or any further information, contact us directly or visit the Natural Stone Outlet blog, for the full stone analysis.

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