Most Popular Moleanos Blue Finishings


It is a fact that the Moleanos limestone presents a very versatile structure and the Moleanos Blue is no exception. This grey-blue limestone is not only suitable for many different applications, as it is also very receptive to numerous finishing types.

The Moleanos Blue is a prominent grey-blue limestone from Portugal. And even though, its availability is quite low, it still presents a remarkable popularity worldwide, with a considerable demand. This is a medium grain structured limestone, with a persistent greyish colour and some occasional natural elements, including fossils, shells and light-dark spots. One of the main interest points of the Moleanos Blue is its incredible versatility, which allows the stone to successfully accept almost any type of finishing. However, the huge majority of the possible finishings are not quite requested. As so, only a few are quite popular in the present days: honed, polished, flamed and sandblasted-brushed.

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