Moleanos Classic limestone expected finishings

The Moleanos Classic is one of the most famous and recognized beige coloured limestones in the world, being used on a large diversity of application going from flooring, cladding, stonework and more. It is also a versatile limestone that accepts many surface finishings. We discuss here some of the most important ones.

The most popular surface finishings for the Moleanos Classic limestone for interior applications would be the polished and the honed. If the polished surface is the one that most enhances the natural colour and elements of the Moleanos (giving it a shiny surface), the honed surface still shows the elements and colour of the stone but with a matt surface (without any shine). In terms of exterior applications, we present the bush-hammered and the sandblasted+brushed as interesting choices. Both are good choice for exterior flooring as they have an anti-slippery capacity.

Enjoy the video where we explain all this in details and if you need any additional information, contact us. You can also find more information about the Moleanos Classic limestone and its variations at,

Source: Naturalstone-outlet


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