Moca Cream project: Qatar Embassy in Brussels

The Qatar Embassy building in Brussels (Belgium) is a high-profile contemporary project that was almost entirely supplied with Moca Cream limestone from Portugal. The limestone was used extensively on cladding, flooring, coverings, staircases. 

Designed by the renowned Belgian architect Jaspers-Eyes Architects, the Qatar Embassy project in Brussels is an impressive building extensively covered with Portuguese limestone Moca Cream. The stone was used on all the exterior cladding applications, as well as interior flooring, wall coverings, staircases, columns and more. The idea of the project was to cover it entirely with this stone, which has become a very popular type of stone in Qatar. After its completion in 2014, the project was awarded with the FEBE Outstanding Precast Award.

This project is a great example of how the beautiful parallel vein and colour of the Moca Cream can be used on such diverse applications within the same project.

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Moca Cream limestone cladding

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream exterior


Moca Cream limestone main cladding

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream building


Moca Cream limestone cladding side view

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream cladding

Moca Cream limestone stonework

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream cladding


Moca Cream limestone coverings, columns, flooring

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream interiors

Moca Cream limestone flooring, coverings

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream coverings


Moca Cream limestone staircases, wall coverings

Qatar Embassy Moca Cream staircases Chat
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