Moca Cream limestone popular finishings


As one of the most relevant beige limestones from Portugal, the Moca Cream has a solid position in the international market, with little competition. Famous for its well defined parallel vein and uniform beige colour, the Moca Cream limestone can accept an interesting variety of finishings.

We analyze here 5 different surface finishings for the Moca Cream limestone, but there are in reality more. In terms of interior use, the most common surface finishings would be the polished, which is the one that mostly highlights the true colour and vein of the stone (mostly used on flooring or coverings). The honed surface is another popular one for interior uses, showing a matt surface with no shine. In terms of exterior application finishings, we recommend 3 main types, in addition to the honed finishings (top finishing used on cladding). We start with the brushed finishing, which shows a little rugosity and is a good choice for exterior flooring. For exterior flooring we would also recommend the bush-hammered one, a top surface for anti-slippery paving. Finally, we present the split-face, a lesser known type of surface but with growing demand, which is mostly used on exterior cladding applications.

For more information about the possible surface finishings of the Moca Cream limestone, contact us or simply check any of these sources:
Moca Cream finishings
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