Jura Grey limestone on-demand finishings


The Jura Grey is a reference limestone from Germany, with good availability and growing demand. This grey limestone is mostly known for its hardness and consistent colour. It is a very versatile limestone that can be widely used on interiors as on exteriors. It also accepts many surface finishings, which we present on this video.

In terms of interior applications such as flooring, coverings, the Jura Grey limestone is mostly used with a polished surface. This type of surface is the one that mostly highlights the grey colour, elements, shells of this limestone. Alternatively, a popular finishing for interior use is the honed, which still shows the original colour of the stone, but with no shine, with a matt surface. In terms of exterior applications, we would normally find the sandblasted, which makes the surface nearly white, commonly used on cladding. A sandblasted + brushed finishing is also a type of finishing for exterior use, where it keeps the natural colour of the stone, but adding a certain anti-slippery capacity to it. This finishing is extremely popular for exterior paving, staircases. We do not refer on this video, but in addition to these finishings you will also find the bush-hammered, split-face and others.

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