Choosing beige limestones from Portugal


Beige limestones for building and decoration are very popular and with growing demand for projects. And Portugal is a rich source of supply in terms of choice, quantity and availability. Despite the considerable number of beige limestones from Portugal, only a few make it to the international market, such as the Moca Cream and the Moleanos.

The Moleanos is probably the main reference when we talk about beige limestone from Portugal. This is a very versatile limestone that is used on a diversity of applications. It can be supplied with Fine grain, Medium grain (or Classic) and Blue colour. Right after comes the Moca Cream, which is a beige limestone with a beautiful and unique parallel vein. Being a preferential limestone for cladding applications, the Moca Cream has become a fashionable limestone in several Middle East countries like Qatar, UAE or Kuwait. The Moca Cream is supplied with Medium grain, Fine grain or simply as Cross-cut (no vein, just shadows). And finally we have the lesser known players, which despite having less demand, have seen a very large increase in terms of demand. These are the Rosal, which is a beige limestone characterized by its darker shadow areas. And the Cabeca Veada, which is today a direct alternative to the Moleanos Fine. All these are fantastic beige limestones, with good supply and growing demand.

To find out more information about the different beige limestones from Portugal, feel free to contact us or check any of the sources below:


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