Stone Catalogue

    Ataija Azul

    Stone Type Limestone

    Main Colour Grey

    Country Portugal

    Extraction Area Ataíja - Porto de Mós

    Other names Ataija; Vidraco de Ataija Azul; Ataija Blue

    Technical data Compression strenght: 1650 kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 105 kg/cm2; Porosity: 0.9%

    Applications Exterior flooring; Landscaping; Coverings; Cladding


    The Ataija Azul is a blue / grey coloured limestone that displays a uniform background and thin grain. Lighter and darker areas are somewhat regular, together with the appearance of darker blue spots. Well-defined shady blue veins can also appear very sporadically. This Portuguese limestone has a strong market within the country’s borders. However, at a global scale the Ataija Azul market is still evolving and it shows promising signs of growth.

    The Ataija Azul is a preferential limestone to be used on diverse exterior landscaping projects, as well as both interior and exterior flooring.


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