Stone Catalogue

    Crema Cenia

    Stone Type Limestone

    Main Colour Brown

    Country Spain

    Extraction Area Ulldecona - Tarragona

    Other names Cenia Ulldecona; Yana limestone; Cream Cenia; Caliza de Ulldecona

    Technical data Compression strenght: 129,9 MPa; Bending strenght: 27,16 MPa; Porosity: 0,60%

    Applications Cladding; Masonry; Stonework; Interior flooring and coverings


    Light brown-creamy marble with a medium hardness and thin grain. The Crema Cenia presents a relatively uniform background with occasional darker signs of fossils and small shady brown coloured areas. This is a fairly popular marble in Spain with a considerable market and an expanding international presence. The extraction point for the Crema Cenia is located in the north-east of Spain.

    There are only a few quarries that are currently operational. The extracted blocks normally have medium or large sizes.


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