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Bateig Galaxy

Bateig Galaxy

Stone Type:


Main Color:




Extraction area:

Novelda - Alicante

Other names:

Bateig Grey; Bateig

Technical data:

Compression strenght: 23 MPa; Bending strenght: 10,5 MPa; Porosity: 21%

Stone Description

The Bateig Galaxy is a grey coloured sandstone. It presents a fine grain, uniform background with some lighter shaded areas. Its main variations depend on the background uniformity. The Bateig is a famous sandstone from Spain with high demand on the international market.

Stone Analysis

The Bateig Galaxy is a well-known sandstone from Spain, with a considerable market throughout the world. This grey sandstone is mostly extracted on a single quarry, which is quite large and with large reserves for future extraction. The blocks extracted can have any dimension.

Stone Finishings

The Bateig Galaxy is the type of stone that mainly accepts certain types of finishings. The preferential finishing is the honed one, however it can also accept well the sandblasted, bush-hammered or even scratched.

Bateig Galaxy honed

Recommended Applications

The Bateig Galaxy is normally associated with high standard projects. It is very common to find this sandstone on luxurious hotels or shops projects, in cladding, interior coverings, some bath design and other applications.