Stone Catalogue

    Bateig Galaxy

    Stone Type Sandstone

    Main Colour Grey

    Country Spain

    Extraction Area Novelda - Alicante

    Other names Piedra Bateig

    Technical data Compression strength: 68 MPa; Apparent density: 2260 kg/m3; Water absorption: 5,7%

    Applications Cladding; Masonry; Diverse stonework; Decoration


    Light pale blue coloured sandstone from Spain, with fine grain and quite some shaded areas. This is a direct variation of the Bateig Blue, but with less uniform background. This is an incredibly uniform sandstone that is also quite versatile in terms of finishes, allowing a wide diversity of textures.

    The Bateig Galaxy is a preferential stone to be used on exterior cladding, masonry and diverse decoration work.


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