Stone Catalogue

    Azul Peniche Dark

    Stone Type Limestone

    Main Colour Grey

    Country Portugal

    Extraction Area Peniche - Torres Vedras

    Other names Atlantic Dark; Azul Lourinha; Blue Peniche; Gris Pardo

    Technical data Bending strength: 11.9 MPa; Density: 2655 kg/m3; Water absorption: 0.48%

    Applications Interior flooring; Wall coverings; Exterior cladding


    Fairly new grey limestone from Portugal, with a thin to medium grain and an average hardness. It presents a quite uniform background that can contain some occasional white spots and fossil traces. The Azul Peniche Dark has recently entered the international market, which means it still has a small and growing presence. In terms of extraction, there are only a few quarries exploring this limestone at the moment but there’s definitely room for expansion.

    This is today one of the main alternatives to the well-known Azul Valverde limestone that is basically out of production.

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