Stone Catalogue

    Azul Valverde

    Stone Type Limestone

    Main Colour Grey

    Country Portugal

    Extraction Area Valverde - Alcanede

    Other names Azul Monica; Blue Lagos; Avallon limestone; Grey Valverde

    Technical data Compression strenght: 1500 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 150 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 1.2%

    Applications Interior flooring; Wall coverings; Interior decoration


    The Azul Valverde has been for many years the most relevant blue/grey limestones from Portugal. It has a fairly uniform background and a thin to medium grain. Lighter and darker shaded areas are also frequent throughout the surface. The Azul Valverde limestone has made a considerable market in both Portugal and abroad, mainly due to its uniformity and unique colour range.

    Today, this is a limestone that will soon stop existing. Quarries are closing and reserves are basically coming to an end.

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