Stone Catalogue

    Azul Extremadura

    Stone Type Granite

    Main Colour Grey

    Country Spain

    Extraction Area Salvatierra de Santiago - Cáceres

    Other names Granito de Extremadura; Blue Extremadura

    Technical data Compression strenght: 156 MPa; Bending strenght: 17,8 MPa; Porosity: 0,6%

    Applications Exterior flooring; Traditional paving; Landscaping


    The Azul Extremadura is a blue/grey coloured granite with some black tonalities. It presents a quite dense structure with a medium to gross grain, along with a compact texture, uniform background and a considerable hardness. The Azul Extremadura is extracted by a few medium-size quarries in the western part of Spain, where the blocks are normally large in dimension. This granite has attained an interesting market in Spain, which contrasts the so far modest worldwide presence.

    This is a reference granite from Spain.

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