Stone Catalogue

    Amarillo Macael

    Stone Type Marble

    Main Colour Yellow

    Country Spain

    Extraction Area Macael - Almeria

    Other names Yellow Macael; Piedra Macael

    Technical data N/A

    Applications Interior flooring; Diverse decoration; Wall coverings


    The Amarillo Macael is a relatively dark yellow coloured marble with high hardness, thin grain and a quite uniform background. It also contains occasional calcite lines along with irregular darker veins. This is a fairly popular marble from Spain, with a considerable internal market. At a global level, the Amarillo Macael is part of a discreet growing segment. This stone is extracted by a few quarries in the south-east of Spain, with small to medium sized blocks.

    This is an ideal marble to be used on small decoration projects and interior flooring.

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