Stone Catalogue

    Crema Valencia

    Stone Type Marble

    Main Colour Yellow

    Country Spain

    Extraction Area Barcheta - Valencia

    Other names Creme Valencia; Crema Valenzia; Cream Valencia; Valencia orange marble

    Technical data Compression strenght: 69,22 MPa; Bending strenght: 12,35 MPa; Porosity: 0,09%

    Applications Interior flooring; Wall coverings; Diverse decoration


    This is a unique yellow / orange coloured marble, with a quite irregular and profuse darker reddish vein, which is what mainly defines the Crema Valencia. It shows a fine grain and a non-regular background. The Crema Valencia presents some variations, particularly in terms of colour, intensity of the vein and overall layout.

    This is an exclusive orange marble from Spain due to the shortage of resources Рthere’s only one operational quarry in the entire country, which is not enough to supply the global market.

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