Stone Catalogue

    Karia Cream

    Stone Type Marble

    Main Colour Beige

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Yesilova - Burdur

    Other names Karia Beige; Karya Cream; Crema Karia; Beige Burdur

    Technical data N/A

    Applications Flooring; Coverings; Bath design; Interior decoration


    The Karia Cream is a new and versatile beige marble that may present several different variations, mostly in terms of veinage colour. In terms of structure, this marble has a very uniform background, a medium hardness and a thin grain. Moreover, this is a relatively new entry in the global market and a direct competition to well-developed popular stones such as, the Crema Nova and the Crema Marfil from Spain.

    The main advantages of the Karia Cream is its availability and strategical price, which provide a quite reliable and interesting choice among beige marbles.


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