Stone Catalogue

    Rosso Levanto

    Stone Type Marble

    Main Colour Red

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Maden - Elazig

    Other names Cherry Levanto; Red Levanto; Rojo Levanto

    Technical data Bending Strength: 13.5 Mpa; Density: 2.71 G/cm3; Compressive Strength: 94.5 Mpa

    Applications Interior decoration; Interior applications


    The Rosso Levanto is a dark red coloured marble, with thin to medium grain and strong white vein distributed all over its area. It presents some variations in terms of red colour, with some lighter or darker coloured reds. The Rosso Levanto is a hard natural stone. Its variations depend on the vein intensity and grain variation.

    The Rosso Levanto is commonly found on a diversity of interior applications. It is most commonly used in interior decoration applications, where its deep red colour combine in perfection with other stones.


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