Stone Catalogue

    Mugla White Select

    Stone Type Marble

    Main Colour White

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Mugla

    Other names Mugla marble; Arabescato; Mugla Bianco

    Technical data Compression strenght: 600 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 70 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 0,5%

    Applications Interior decoration; Flooring; Wall coverings; Masonry; Cladding


    The Mugla White is a white coloured marble, with medium grain and uniform background. It presents a slight greyish tone and some occasional darker vein and greyish areas. The Mugla White Select is the most exclusive type of this marble, with fairly uniform white background and hardly no veins. This is also the most expensive type as well as most on demand.

    There are numerous applications of Mugla White all over Turkey and internationally, with application found on cladding, flooring, some stonework, sculpture and coverings.

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