Stone Catalogue

    Travertine Classic Vein-Cut

    Stone Type Travertine

    Main Colour Beige

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Kaklık - Denizli

    Other names Travertino Romano; Travertine Beige; Travertin

    Technical data Compression strength: 77 MPa; Density: 2290 kg/m3; Open porosity: 7,3%

    Applications Cladding; Flooring; Coverings; Stonework; Bath design


    The Travertine Classic Vein-Cut is beige coloured natural stone with a very singular appearance. Mainly characterized by its natural holes and occasional darker-brighter spots, this variation displays the mineral veins running either lengthwise along the slab or vertically. In terms of market and sales, the Travertine Classic has become one of the top natural stones of its kind at a global scale.

    The most common applications for the Vein-Cut variation include cladding, flooring, coverings, stonework, and bath design projects.


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