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    Travertine Noce Vein-Cut

    Stone Type Travertine

    Main Colour Brown

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Denizli

    Other names Travertine Brown; Noche Travertine; Travertino Noce

    Technical data Compression strength: 77 MPa; Bending strength: 8,8 MPa; Open porosity: 7,3%

    Applications Cladding; Flooring; Stonework; Bath Design


    The Travertine Noce Vein-Cut is a brown limestone with a slight beige deviance. As a former travertine, this stone presents a characteristic structure composed by natural holes and uniform areas with darker and brighter spots. The Vein-Cut variation features the mineral veins that either run lengthwise or vertically. The Travertine Noce is one of the most popular brown travertine stones in the world with a very good market.

    With a relative versatility in terms of possible applications, this stone reveals to be one of the top elections for projects involving cladding, flooring, stonework and bath design.


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