Stone Catalogue

    Travertine Silver

    Stone Type Travertine

    Main Colour Grey

    Country Turkey

    Extraction Area Afyonkarahisar

    Other names Travertine Grey

    Technical data Compression strength: 77 MPa; Bending strength: 8,8 MPa; Open porosity: 8,38%

    Applications Flooring; Coverings; Cladding; Stonework; Decoration


    The Travertine Silver is a grey coloured travertine limestone with a slight colour variation in blue and grey tonalities. Apart from its typical travertine structure, it presents a fairly uniform background and a medium grain, followed by its characteristic natural holes, which are less evident in this variation. Despite being the least popular type of travertine limestone from Turkey, the Travertine Silver has been showing a significant growth during the past few decades.

    The recommended application range for this travertine is quite high, yet it is mostly found in both exterior and interior projects including flooring, coverings, cladding and even stonework applications.


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