Turkish marble 1cm slabs for export

Natural stone export slabs are normally manufactured with a standard thickness of 2cm or 3cm. In most cases 2cm is the thickness required by most clients, which is a thickness that is strong enough for most application and it saves in transport if compared with the 3cm. However, 3cm is required in many projects, specially on some cladding applications or some specific flooring applications.

And what about 1cm slabs? Many companies supply natural stones with thickness of 1cm, but finished tiles, such as 30,5 x 30,5cm (standard dimension). But not many companies supply 1cm slabs for export. As far as we know, there are very few companies doing this, mainly because you need a specialized structure to manufacture and handle 1cm slabs. All slabs need a netting and a special care during production.

1cm slabs are becoming increasing popular mainly due to the following reasons:

1. it saves transport costs: this is perhaps the main factor that will make a company choose buying 1cm slabs. In one container, you can load about 80% more than 2cm slabs. There is a considerable gain here in transport, specially for medium to large supplies.

2. lower costs of production: the cost per m2 of 1cm slabs are reducing considerably, mainly due to a more specialized and efficient production system, but also due to increase competition. This is an additional advantage for the client.

3. efficient storage use: if your company has a slabs warehouse, having a stock of 1cm slabs means having more m2 of material in the same area, if compared with 2cm or 3cm slabs. This increases the efficiency of the warehouse´s utilization.


Well, there are some advantages of 1cm slabs and if your project required 1cm thick material, this is definitely something to consider. To finalize we present below a pictures gallery of 1cm slabs from Turkish marble Karia Cream and Silver Black.


1cm slabs of Karia Cream marble





1cm slabs of Karia Cream marble



1cm slabs of Silver Black marble


































1cm slabs for export



















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