Travertine Gold: a fantastic Turkish stone

There is a fantastic type of Travertine being currently extracted in Turkey: the Travertine Gold, or Travertine Yellow. We are talking about a strong yellow coloured type of Travertine, with a well defined parallel vein. This is one of the hot Travertines at the moment with a growing demand.

We are showing below pictures of just vein-cut orientation, however this type of travertine does very well with a cross-cut orientation as well. The Travertine Gold or Travertine Yellow has been a less relevant type of travertine, mostly due to its irregular vein and colour mix. That seems to be changing in recent times, with new variations of the Travertine Gold coming along with a fairly uniform colour and very decent parallel vein.

Below, we present some pictures of the current variation of the Travertine Gold. The travertine can be supplied in any form, from block to slabs, tiles or cut to size.

Travertine Gold tiles mock-up

Travertine Gold mock-up

Travertine Gold blocks

Travertine Gold block

Travertine Gold export slabs

Travertine Gold slabs

Travertine Gold tiles

Travertine Gold tiles

If you need to know more information about the Travertine Gold from Turkey, feel free to contact us directly.

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