Jura Beige Limestone from Germany

Jura Beige Limestone is a quite popular stone from Germany with a considerable market worldwide. We have just started commercializing this beautiful limestone from Germany and have recently launched an online website with complete information about the Jura. You can find below a brief resume of what you can find on the website:



The Jura Beige is a beige coloured limestone, with thin to medium grain and non-uniform background. This limestone is mostly characterized by the presence of strong signs of fossils with darker colour, sparsely distributed throughout the stone surface.

The Jura Beige is a reference beige coloured limestone from Germany, with considerable hardness. Its main variations depend mostly on the more or less abundance of dark coloured fossils, as well as background uniformity.

Jura Beige Polished Jura Beige Honed



The Jura Beige is explored by several companies located in the Titting-Kaldorf (upper Bavaria) in the same quarries where the Jura Grey limestone is explored. The quarries can have medium to large dimension and a considerable output of extraction every month. The blocks extracted are normally large but fairly short, but this may vary.



The Jura Beige accepts well most types of finishings. However, the ones we most recommend are:
– Polished;
– Honed;
– Bush-hammered;
– Brushed;
– Sandblasted.


Recommended Applications

It is today common to find applications of the Jura Beige limestone on several exterior cladding applications, where it is applied using different posing techniques. It is also a preferential limestone for flooring, coverings and diverse stonework. The Jura limestone can be used for masonry, garden decoration and interior decoration (bath design, kitchen use, for example).



The Jura is a limestone with a considerable market worldwide. But it is most commonly found in Europe (north of Europe), north America and Asia.


For complete information about the Jura Beige limestone, visit our new website at

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