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Moleanos Limestone from Portugal

We continue here with our series of articles about some of the most important natural stones available in the global market. In this particular post, we introduce you to the Moleanos limestone, a beige coloured limestone from Portugal with a significant demand.

The Moleanos limestone presents a beautiful uniform background across all its different variantions. Despite being used for almost all types of applications, this limestone is a clear preference by professionals for masonry projects.



The Moleanos limestone is extracted in the area around the town with the same name as the limestone: Moleanos. Moleanos is a small town by the main national road that connects Lisbon to Porto, located in the centre of Portugal. Moleanos lies at the footsteps of Serra D´Aires e Candeeiros Natural Park, the most important limestone extraction centre of Portugal.



The Moleanos has a light beige coloured background and a slight greyish tonality, bioclastic, with oolitic tendency, abundantly spathized and showing disperse brownish fine spots – known as Moleanos Classic. There is also the blue coloured Moleanos with a blueish background – known as Moleanos Blue. Finally, there is the mixed coloured Moleanos, which includes a mix of blue and beige coloured background – known as Moleanos Mixed.

Moleanos Classic Limestone Polished


Recommended Applications

It is very common in exterior and exterior applications, such as flooring with medium to high utilization as well as cladding (either glued or stapled). It is also a preferential limestone used in interior decoration, such as staircases, fireplaces, countertops, tables, basins, among others. However, the type of application that is highly appreciated and recommended by local stone professionals and builders is masonry.

Moleanos Classic Limestone Interior Flooring


Main Markets

The Moleanos limestone is one of the most famous Portuguese natural stones, with a well developed market in different places. Some of these markets are:
– USA;
– China,
– Europe.


Alternative Names

The Moleanos limestone can be found in the market with different names. Some of these names are:
– Gascogne beige;
– Gascogne blue;
– Mirabelle limestone;
– Porto Beige;
– Creme Moleanos.

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