Moleanos Fine project: Krasina Business Center in Moscow

Supply of approximately 6.000m2 of light beige limestone Cabeca Veada and a small quantity of dark grey limestone Moleanos Ataija B1 for the Krasina Business Center, located in the Krasina district in the city center of Moscow – Russia. The project involved the supply of 30mm thick panels with a honed surface to cover a good part of the exterior cladding of the building. The beige and grey colours were used to present a strong contrast, which worked very well. In addition, the combination with the glass makes this a very contemporary building in the heart of the city.

This is a reference project supplied in Russia with Portuguese limestones, which are having a growing demand in this market.


Moleanos limestone cladding

White limestone cladding Moscow

Moleanos limestone cladding

White limestone cladding Moscow

View of exterior cladding – Moscow (Russia)

White limestone cladding Moscow

View of exterior cladding – Krasina Business Center

View of exterior cladding and garden paving White limestone cladding Moscow

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