Cabeca Veada Project: Leeds University in the UK

As an exclusive cladding project, the Leeds University compromises a small and standard exterior setup made with Cabeca Veada. Overall, this project shows some of the greatest features of this Portuguese limestone.

The Leeds University renovated one of its newest buildings with a medium supply of Cabeca Veada panels (2.000m2), which highlights some of the strongest qualities of this limestone. The final result portraits a versatile, yet sublime cladding project with a flawless uniform layer. This happens mainly due to the background uniformity and colour consistency of the Cabeca Veada limestone, which is highly recommended for exterior projects, such as cladding and wall covering applications. Moreover, the materials received a honed finishing in order to intensify the general smoothness and shininess of the entire surface.

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Leeds University in the UK - Cabeca Veada

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