Private Villa - France - Travertine Classic

Reference Project: Private Villas Series

The private villa series has been a major project here at GlobalStonePortal, where diverse types of natural stone have been supplied for the development of luxurious private residences all over the world, especially in Europe.

Liverpool Museum - Jura Beige Limestone - Exterior Cladding

Jura Beige Reference Project: Liverpool Museum

The Museum of Liverpool is the largest newly-built national museum in Britain for over a century and is a great example of the notoriety of the Jura Beige limestone. This project was supplied with over 6.000m2 of geometric panels.

Exterior Cladding - Moca Cream

Moca Cream Reference Project: Nedbank

The Nedbank is one of the largest banks in South Africa, as well as one of the newest to be incorporated in the internal market. This renovation established an imposing building with a notorious façade that represents and strengthens the brand itself.

Gris Pardo Limestone

Lagos Blue Limestone Alternatives

The Lagos Blue limestone (originally known as Azul Valverde) has been a major grey colored limestone in the US market. For several years that has enjoyed great demand in the US for all sorts of applications. Here are some great alternatives.

Nation Towers Abu Dhabi

Reference Project: Nation Towers in Abu Dhabi

The Nation Towers is a project that is composed by two skyscrapers that are located in the corniche area of Abu Dhabi. The project was just finished in 2012 and includes apartments, offices, a shopping mall and a hotel. It has a total of about 280.000 square meters.

Negro Marquina Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Stone Supply

Saudi Arabia is a large and wealthy economy that has seen a large number of incredibly large projects being built in the past years. It has the largest mosque in the world, some of the largest hotels and universities, and there is much more coming in the next years.

Mugla White Marble Qatar

Qatar: Stone Supply

Qatar is a booming economy, has the highest GDP per capita in the world and is a very wealthy country. It will host the football world cup in 2022, it has been building large number of luxury buildings, such as hotels, state-of-the-art hospitals and shopping malls.

Moleanos Limestone Kuwait

Kuwait: Stone Supply

Kuwait is a very specific country in terms of construction projects. Despite the several large projects taking place, this country is still quite conservative in terms of international business, leaving most of its projects to local companies.

Light Emperador Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Stone Supply

Abu Dhabi is home to a large number of construction projects that have been taking place for quite some years now. It has a large number of projects currently happening, as well as a large number of planned projects for the near future.

Samsung Building

Reference Project: Samsung Building in South Korea

This time we would like to introduce the beautiful project recently finished in South Korea, the Samsung Building. This project involved the supply of beige Moleanos limestone from Portugal and it was mainly used for exterior and interior flooring.

Moleanos Blue Polished

Moleanos Blue Limestone: The Facts

The Moleanos Blue is a limestone with a growing demand, in particular from markets like the UK or USA. This is light grey/bluish colored limestone, with a slight brownish tonality, medium grain and several brownish fine spots.

Dark Emperador Dubai

Dubai: Stone Supply

Dubai is the country in the Middle East with most ongoing and planned construction projects. And it is perhaps the country in the world with more projects per square kilometre. But which natural stones are mostly used in this particular market?

Capri Limestone

Best Alternatives to the Portland Limestone

The Portland limestone is a fairly popular white/greyish coloured limestone from the UK, which has been used for years on a diversity range of public buildings, private projects and others. Here's an extensive analysis on what are the best alternatives. - Finished Products

10 Years of deserves a warm congratulation for its 10 years of existence. The online portal exclusively dedicated to the promotion of limestones from Portugal has just turned 10, with a complete renovation of its content and design.

Central Bank Kuwait

Reference Project: Central Bank of Kuwait

The Central Bank of Kuwait is a large-scale project that is currently the new headquarters of the Central Bank of Kuwait. This is a 240 meter high building, with a triangular shaped tower, glass pyramid and Portuguese limestone Moca Creme coverings.

Moleanos Classic Limestone Polished

Moleanos Limestone from Portugal

The Moleanos limestone presents a beautiful uniform background across all its different variations. In this particular post, we introduce you to the Moleanos limestone, a beige coloured limestone from Portugal with a significant demand.

Crema Marfil Blocks

Crema Marfil Marble from Spain

The Crema Marfil marble is perhaps the most supplied marble stone in the world. It has a large commercial network and distribution systems that reach pretty much all corners of the world. This is also a highly advertised product with a large availability.

Jura Beige Polished Jura Beige Honed

Jura Beige Limestone from Germany

Jura Beige Limestone is a quite popular stone from Germany with a considerable market worldwide. We have just started commercializing this beautiful limestone from Germany and have recently launched an online website with complete information.

Jura Beige Limestone

All About Jura Limestone / Marble

The Jura Limestone is a well-known reference stone from Germany, with an increasing demand worldwide. Despite being technically categorized as a Limestone, the Jura is often described as a marble. Learn more about this stone, such as main types and markets.

Statuario Slabs First Modern Bathroom

Review: Statuario Marble from Italy

The Statuario marble is a very exclusive white marble from Italy that is currently used on several high-standard and exclusive projects. This article will explore some of the best quality selections and some of the most popular applications for the Statuario.